We bring together all the data you need about the teachers and students in your care. This gives you a one-stop-shop for implementing interventions and assessing their impact, communicating with all parties, and transforming teacher development.

By doing so, we support a consistent approach to all aspects of teaching and learning.

Schools are continually striving to improve their teaching and evaluate their learning. Serving both needs in the same platform allows teachers and leaders to spend less time organising and more time doing.

We believe teachers should use data, not manage it. MossPAM allows teachers to identify trends in pedagogy and student assessment. Our platform promotes incremental, low-stakes learning evaluations which encourage supportive development, provide high-quality data, and improve coordination of professional development. With MossPAM, teachers are empowered to make progress towards their career aspirations. Staff can identify and share great practice so that teaching and learning continually evolve and improve.

With all the evidence and insight available in just a few clicks, teachers and leaders can work together to identify next steps, plan interventions, and track implementation and impact.


Nurture teacher development through powerful insight & feedback

With MossPAM, academies and schools can capture the typicality of teaching and learning, cultivate a positive attitude towards professional growth, and analyse teacher development trends on a department, school-wide, or MAT-wide basis.

MossPAM TEACHER DEVELOPMENT provides one centrally-stored, instantly-accessible area for the performance management of all staff. It integrates observations, provides opportunities for self and peer evaluation, allows you to set action targets, and more.

MossPAM’s approach to teacher development was founded on the idea that individual high-stakes observations do not provide the most representative illustration of the quality of learning. The MossPAM platform is designed to support schools to take a more judicious, long-term view of how student learning is planned for, delivered, and assessed. The observable evidence for this is manifold, and may include:

Lesson observations and coaching conversations;
Booklooks or work scrutiny;
Diagnostic marking and assessment outcomes;
Engagement and utilisations of CPD; and / or
Design and adaptation of the curriculum.

Supporting files can be uploaded in order to add greater detail where necessary. From MossPAM, you can access your device’s camera to record evidence, such as whiteboards or books, and attach these to the observation. This paints a much more nuanced picture of a staff member’s practice. Observations which use MossPAM are both lower-stress and higher-quality than previous models allowed.

Senior and middle leaders spend considerable time generating lesson observation data. With MossPAM, a typical, large secondary school can reclaim over 800 hours of teaching time in an Academic Year.


Powerful student insights for informed decision-making

Schools collect a lot of student data. MossPAM PROGRESS brings student data together in a way that allows teachers and leaders to focus on what matters most, quickly getting answers to the questions they have about the students in their care. MossPAM places student progress side-by-side with teacher observations, bringing action and impact together in one place and giving teachers and leaders real insight for informed decision-making.

Analyse data at all levels, in real-time: The powerful MossPAM PROGRESS interface allows users to monitor their schools, classes, and pupils individually and together.

Streamline data: MossPAM allows for a consistent, whole-school approach to tracking and analysis. This reduces the admin burden associated with handover as pupils move through the school.

Integrate with the architecture of education: MossPAM’s interface is designed to accommodate all aspects of the English and Welsh education systems. What’s more, it connects directly to a school’s MIS. This means that data only needs to be input once—reducing time, cost, and the potential for error.

With MossPAM PROGRESS, teachers can look at the progress over time of all their students, from a Year Group to subjects, classes and individual students, across data drops, terms and academic years. Teachers can quickly identify individual patterns across subjects and over time. Staff have easy access to pastoral notes, behaviour incidents and rewards, and teaching strategies for the students.

We often see schools spending around 300 hours collecting data from assessment cycles, and taking weeks to produce data analysis. Our MossPAM schools can collect data in days, and have the analysis ready overnight.


Engage parents while saving teachers’ time

MossPAM PARENT allows schools to electronically generate and distribute letters, permission slips, student progress reports, and all other parental communication, significantly reducing teacher workload. This also cuts printer costs and allows the school to move towards a more sustainable mode of operation.

MossPAM PARENT gives parents all the information they need in one central hub which they can access at any time, from anywhere. Parents and carers can log in to MossPAM to access their child’s:

Basic information;
Timetable and classes;
Letters from teachers; and
Current and past reports, which staff can generate using the StudentReports function.

Using MossPAM PARENT, reports can be delivered directly to parents and carers. MossPAM allows teachers to see when parents / carers have opened and read their children’s reports. Parents can respond to requests quickly and easily. They can give permission for their child’s trips and decide on subject choices (in secondary) and extracurriculars (in both secondary and primary).

Schools report that writing, approving, printing and delivering one letter takes over 1½ hours. With MossPAM PARENT, teachers only have to write the letter taking less than 30 minutes to do everything. Over a year, schools save hundreds of hours for teachers and administration staff.


Gold standard data

The MossPAM Enhanced Data Process manages the collection, collation, and analysis of student assessment data. MossPAM also prepares, checks, and sends student reports directly to parents.

You can ensure the integrity of your data with MossPAM’s data quality functionality, which takes the time and stress out of data monitoring. MossPAM’s workflows reduce the administrative burden of preparing for data drops, ensure complete and high-quality collection, and perform processing and calculations as required. This allows you to focus on acting on data rather than its administration.

MossPAM Markbooks and Quality Checks make it as simple as possible to enter student assessment data. Schools can create their own calculations and checks to help teachers enter the correct data. Notifications can be configured to remind teachers of their progress and help them meet deadlines.

Put simply, the Enhanced Data Process streamlines data collection, collation, and reporting in a way that reduces work, stress, and costs. Your staff can then focus on tasks that really add value to your students’ lives and learning.


Along with the four products above, MossPAM contains a variety of features which together work to streamline and improve classroom management:

Student Reporting

Teachers can write, edit, and review reports via a centralised system that delivers directly to parents and records when they have been viewed, eliminating the need for reply slips.


PAM Behaviour allows teachers to record positive and negative behaviour in a clear manner. Teachers are able to record any punishments or rewards and assign teachers to the behaviour incident.

Seating Plans

PAM's seating plan function allows teachers to create and save seating plans embedded with student pictures, names, and essential data.


Rooms allows teachers to discover room timetables and view when rooms are free.