The problems faced at schools today are ones we know we can help you solve—because we use MossPAM every day. We built MossPAM for our own schools; it worked too well not to share.

The Mossbourne Federation can thank the late Sir Clive Bourne for its success. Sir Clive believed that the children of Hackney were being incorrectly blamed for the educational standards of schools in the borough. He argued that the problem lay with expectations and assumptions held by schools about what children from this area could achieve.

For over 12 years, the Mossbourne Federation has been proving Sir Clive right: the Mossbourne Community Academy, a school in inner-city London, is famed for its turnaround from what newspapers called ‘the worst school in the country’ to one of the very best. The Mossbourne approach is based on outstanding quality of teaching and learning across a broad curriculum with high expectations of every student.

Our CEO, Peter Hughes, was mentored by Sir Michael Wilshaw at the Mossbourne Community Academy. In 2012, Peter was appointed to lead Mossbourne after Sir Michael left to become CEO of the British education regulator, OFSTED.

Under Peter’s guidance as CEO and Executive Principal, the Mossbourne Federation has grown to encompass four schools, all achieving outstanding results in one of the most challenging areas in the UK. Last year, over 10% of Mossbourne students applying to university received offers to the universities of Oxford or Cambridge—all in an area with the second-highest poverty rates in London.

There are many elements responsible for the successes of the Mossbourne Federation: MossPAM supports all of them.

Peter became frustrated that his staff did not have the time or technology to analyse student data in a way that provided useful insight. He noticed that teacher admin tasks seemed endless, sapping productivity and leaching time from the day. On top of this, his schools were paying a fortune to license disparate and ineffectual products which never really caught on, because the EdTech sector was populated primarily by outsiders who didn’t understand the biggest challenges on the ground in schools like Peter’s.

In 2015, he built MossPAM to address these issues: it has transformed student insights, teacher productivity, and therefore pupil progress across his schools. MossPAM reduced workload, fostered a positive culture around professional growth and development, and effectively and efficiently transformed data into insight.

The MossPAM platform is now the foundational tool for allowing Mossbourne schools, as well as many other schools and trusts across our client base, to improve teaching in ways that are felt every day by teachers, students, and parents / carers.

With MossPAM, teachers have the time, tools, and insights to focus on what they came into teaching to do: ensure every student can make exceptional progress. Similarly, MossPAM’s powerful data capabilities allow leadership teams, at both school and MAT level, to make informed and impactful decisions.

MossPAM is now making a difference to the lives of thousands of staff and students in schools across the UK, with talks in progress about bringing the software to schools internationally.