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MossPAM allows you to invest in teachers while saving money

We know from experience how important great teaching is for student attainment. Teachers are education’s most valuable resource--yet they’re overworked, underdeveloped, and leaving the profession in record numbers.

Teachers and leaders across the UK use MossPAM every day to access high-quality, useful information and to take more impactful actions as a result.

MossPAM has transformed teaching and learning at schools across the country by:

Dramatically reducing workload for teachers and senior leaders, allowing schools to reclaim over 800 hours of teaching time each.

Removing hundreds of hours of work by generating progress reports, dealing with parent communication, and managing lesson observations.

Saving money through fewer software licences.

Allowing teachers and leaders—on both school and MAT levels—to use data easily and effectively.

Fostering a positive culture around lesson observations and professional development.